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Have you used BrandChirp and would now like to let us know how you feel? Go ahead and shoot us an email to help AT brandchirp dot com. We encourage
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and we actively work to improve what we have to offer. Your input assists greatly in our work and will lead to a better service for all BrandChirp users.

Common Questions

How does BrandChirp work?
Take the BrandChirp Video Tour to learn more about BrandChirp.

Why do I receive a "Rate Limit Exceeded" error?
You most likely maxed out Twitter's rate limit while using BrandChirp. In this case, simply wait a few hours and login again.

We would also recommend that you double check to make sure you added the correct username and password for the Twitter account you added.

**Warning: Do not follow thousands of people in one day. If Twitter thinks you are spamming they will disable your Twitter account.

How can I cancel my subscription?
Log in to PayPal and cancel your BrandChirp subscription within your PayPal account. You can do this in your recurring payments dashboard. Payments to Brandchirp will show as Various Media Limited.

If you do not see an answer for your question, please send us an email at help AT brandchirp dot com.